Friday, December 30, 2005

To All My Friends in the Blogosphere
Best Wishes for a Happy New Year 2006!
And remember...they're adding an extra second for FREE!
What will you do with it?
One of the fabulous things about reading, and apparently writing, blogs is the sense of community people feel online. As people are experiencing less of a community life as they work more, groups of friends diminish and opportunities for social contact diminish. People create commnities online and create a sense of self, of who they are and who they link to. It's between friends.
Some of the relationships I've formed through blogging have been the strongest because you're communicating through pictures and the written word, and that's more powerful than sitting down together and getting drunk.
The above was a bit from a great article on blogging in the Nov 2005 issue of Australian Vogue.
If you're the resolution type send yours in confidence to and I'll send them back to you in 365!


Blogger primdollie said...

Well said and yes have made a great many friends..... nice ones Like you!!... thru online sites and it's nice to be able to share etc and even let our hair down too!!! (hard in my case!!! hehehe! and just cut it a bit shorter!!!!) but my resolution is to do more art to sell and for myself!!! and hope to get published somehow!! so wish me luck and hope you have some good resolutions!!!
Big Hugs Linda

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Vanessa said...

What nice sentiments. I'm still compiling my list of resolutions. I'll be sure to send them to you when I'm through. Happy New Year! I will be consuming at least one Sofia mini in the upcoming days.

4:56 PM  
Blogger TessaJ said...

Oh, I haven't thought about a resolution -- I tend to go for mid-year resolutions as I tend to stick to these more! Happy New Year!

5:43 PM  

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