Thursday, March 16, 2006

DISCUSS! Is Phoebe Chanel's New Heir Apparent?

From FashionWeekDaily

Thursday, March 16, 2006(NEW YORK)
Did you hear the one about Phoebe Philo and Chanel? Sources close to the French luxury goods house say that the ex-Chloé designer has been secretly added to the payroll at Chanel, the line coincidentally helmed by a former Chloé designer—Karl Lagerfeld. The buzz surfacing in Paris is that Philo—what with her charming and feminine demeanor—is said to be morphing into a “muse” to the house, with some going so far as to use the term “heir apparent.” A Chanel spokeswoman in Paris said she had heard the rumor as well—from Lagerfeld, himself, in fact. “He was laughing about it,” the publicist said, “so maybe Phoebe wants to be here, but she’s not here at all.” Philo, who is thought to still be under an undefined non-compete clause with Chloé, was not available for comment.


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