Friday, March 10, 2006

From Runway to Reality & Back? A Moment with Daniel V

Thursday, March 09, 2006
from Fashion Week Daily

(NEW YORK) Last night’s Tresemmé party for Project Runway was like a boozy weekend marathon of the addictive show; everyone from Tim Gunn to Grace the Model milled about the Tribeca Grand with champagne glasses in hand. Jay McCarroll ran through a stairwell shouting, “I’m getting decrowned! I’m getting de-crowned!” and Kara Janx shared a toast with Project Runway’s hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins—you know, the one who helped the models into those Barbie wigs for the notorious design-a-doll challenge.

In the middle of it all was Daniel Vosovic, the 24-year old FIT grad whom many picked to win. The sharp-talking, sharply cheekboned designer ended up losing the Project Runway title to winner Chloe Dao, but judging from the swarms of beauty editors taking his photo last night—including W’s Bryn Kenny, Teen Vogue’s Holly Siegal, and Good Housekeeping’s Holly Crawford—he’s sure to be collaborating with Target on a secondary line in a matter of months.

In the meantime, he answered some questions for The Daily…

So it’s finally over. Are you okay? Okay? I’m ecstatic right now! It’s finally over, for the good or the bad, this entire thing is over. I feel like it’s been a year in the making, because auditions were this time last year and it’s been a very long, very busy process. It’s nice to end all of it with all these people watching the show together, and coming out to support me. That whole back row is my friends.

Santino feels like he was made to appear a little over the top. Do you? No, but sometimes you didn’t see the way I reacted to certain situations. I was sad when Andre left, but someone has to leave, and when it gets to the point when you’re not trimming fat anymore, and it comes down to raw talent, you have to cut someone.

You’re getting swarmed at this party. Does that happen every day? Yeah, I can’t even ride the subway or get coffee without people asking me if I won. Hopefully now that it’s over, people will stop asking me every day, being like, “hey, you’re on Project Runway!”

You really want people to stop coming up to you? Well… yeah, I don’t know!


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thanks for posting this! loved Daniel V. even if he didn't win!

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