Friday, March 03, 2006

Miss V's Fabulous Oscar Contest
The person who either nails them all or comes closest will win a Stunning piece of Red Carpet Worthy Jewelry designed and made by Moi! If we have a tie then the earliest voter wins. Please cast your votes for all categories as listed below by emailing Your votes must be emailed before Midnight PT Saturday 3/4!
Best motion picture of the year: "Brokeback Mountain", "Capote", "Crash", "Good Night, And Good Luck", "Munich"

Achievement in directing: "Brokeback Mountain" - Ang Lee, "Capote" - Bennett Miller, "Crash" - Paul Haggis, "Good Night, And Good Luck" - George Clooney, "Munich" - Steven Spielberg

Performance by an actor in a leading role: Philip Seymour Hoffman - "Capote", Terrence Howard - "Hustle & Flow", Heath Ledger - "Brokeback Mountain", Joaquin Phoenix - "Walk the Line", David Strathairn - "Good Night, And Good Luck"

Performance by an actress in a leading role: Judi Dench - "Mrs. Henderson Presents", Felicity Huffman - "Transamerica", Keira Knightley - "Pride & Prejudice", Charlize Theron - "North Country", Reese Witherspoon - "Walk the Line"

Performance by an actor in a supporting role: George Clooney - "Syriana", Matt Dillon - "Crash", Paul Giamatti - "Cinderella Man", Jake Gyllenhaal - "Brokeback Mountain", William Hurt - "A History Of Violence"

Performance by an actress in a supporting role: Amy Adams - "Junebug", Catherine Keener - "Capote", Frances McDormand - "North Country", Rachel Weisz - "The Constant Gardener", Michelle Williams - "Brokeback Mountain"


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