Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kate Back with Calvin

LONDON, England (UPI) -- British supermodel Kate Moss has signed a new 500,000 pound ($876,000) contract with Calvin Klein, it was reported Wednesday.

Moss, 32, has successfully rebuilt her career since photos were published last year in a British tabloid of her snorting a substance alleged to be cocaine, Sky News reported Wednesday.
Scotland Yard has been investigating her alleged drug use, but legal sources predicted there would not be enough evidence to charge Moss with anything.

Although she lost several contracts when the scandal broke, Moss has been working steadily since spending a month in an Arizona treatment center, Sky News noted.

The new contract with Calvin Klein boosts her estimated annual earnings to 9 million pounds (about $15.7 million), which is nearly twice the amount she was making before the scandal.


Blogger Julia said...

As I commented on fashionologie - I hope Marky Mark joins her in the new campaign! Love him...

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